There’s a few issues cropping up. For one, the Police have staged fights at Klan rallies (Tea Party, Heritage Foundation, Minutemen, Nazis, other Supremacists…) and there’s the notion that all the Pigs have to do is get black “Toms” to put on masks, and say they’re ANTIFA…. uhhhh…. since ANTIFA is an ANONYMOUS group, according to the PIGS who say they Don’t Know Who They Are… See how easy that is? Another is a Black rapper named Kanye West who said that slavery was voluntary. Because everybody wants to work on other people’s farms for free, and of course the Fugitive Slave Act, and Black Americans born to slaves (even those were the sons and daughters of their mothers’ fathers) themselves, weren’t allowed to own ANYTHING especially money, could not be taught to read and write and that whole business of being chained up in the Slave Ships (because anybody who volunteers to be a slave must be stupid enough to need restraints, they would probably go swimming in the open ocean, so the chains and shackles were a kind of Safety Belt) I DON’T know for certain Young Mr West really believes that shit or if he’s pulling the collective leg of Stupid Ass Crackers like Trump. Shake it up, you know, get the dumbasses to go around saying that slavery was beneficial and voluntary.

Of course, I could be wrong, but Black people aren’t ALL smart. Just like anybody of any ethnicity. There might actually be  some who believe it.

Edit to add: https://www.thedailybeast.com/alt-right-cheers-kanye-wests-slavery-is-a-choice-tmz-rant

Yep. The Alt-Right bullshit committee  ate it up with a spoon

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