Just in time for Pig Memorial Day, Haspel confirmation legalizes Torture

You can tell I’ve spent the past few minutes rebuking idiots, kind of a hobby of mine. Torturers are Sex Offenders, they get aroused by controlling and causing pain in their VICTIMS and that only if the VICTIMS are unwilling. Every Cop in America is joining in a massive circle jerk mutual masturbation session to celebrate the ‘legalization’ of their favorite sport. It’s not effective in that the person confesses what the Rapist tells him to confess.

The “shining city on the hill” crap was written by Cotten Mather, the Puritan High Priest who presided over the Salem Witch Hunt where all those who Did Not confess were killed and those who DID confess were banished and (this part is very important) their property was taken and Given To Mather. He, like the Pilgrims earlier, got his fanatic a## kicked out of England for not celebrating Christmas, or Easter and just generally being a bunch of Violent Extremist Terrorists. What’s amazing about the Republican-dominated “War On Christmas” crybabies chose Mather’s words (cherry-picked) to justify their Extremist actions. Also, he said that Native Americans, because we’re not mentioned in Genesis, must be Constructs of Satan, human in form only. Just another episode in the Native Holocaust the U.S. Army is so very proud to Keep Doing.

Reagan was fond of quoting Other People’s poetic works without ever mentioning that he himself did NOT invent them. Like that speech after Challenger blew up, (NASA = “Needs Another Seven Astronauts) about ‘slip the surly bonds of earth to touch the clouds’ –funny how that works, because he didn’t point out that A Real Poet actually a combat pilot in World War One actually wrote it. Talk about your basic Stolen Honor.

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