More Accurate and Truthful therefore not Libel about the Black Forest Fire 5 years later

Where does the time go? This is the fifth anniversary of the combined wildfires in Royal Gorge, Waldo Canyon, Black Forest and a few others locally. There’s new ones happening today. north of Durango, also Ute Park… I just woke up so I haven’t researched them. Terry Maketa, Minuteman, Klansman, Trump Aficionado , that’s not new. His acquittal in the local Kangaroo Kourt system isn’t news any more. The two neighbors he effectively Murdered by redirecting firefighting resources to HIS property are still dead. Not the first time he diverted funds and other resources to fill his pockets. When I first got here there was a tiny little outrage about him using County Funds and facilities as a training base for the Minutemen/Klan. Got away with it, too.  Every inmate  murdered, mostly by Jail Staff, in his Privately owned Publicly funded Concentration Camps . was killed under his discretion. Ku Klux Kops are like that. So it’s no secret he and present Sheriff Elder are getting away with literally Murder. The Make Believe trial for his burning his neighbors to death was only remarkable in the Black Forest Fire because Victims were rich too.  If they had been poor or working class (same difference) there wouldn’t even been an investigation. It’s the W.H.I.P.  principle, not codified in Law except de facto, Wealth Hath Its Privilege or White Hath Its Privilege.

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