Mr Trump sells veterans at auction to private entities

Ahem… I’m older. 57. I get discounts for being a Senior AND a Vet. And I believe His Royal Stupidness is not morally fit to be a janitor. If you shake his hand, count your fingers immediately after, and since so many Drump Disciples are too stupid to understand that, it’s because he would steal your fingers if it’s in any way possible. His daddy who gave him his first Silver Spoon $100M got the money by being a War Profiteer who bought his own way out of the Draft. Dotard Donny did the same thing. Not much to see, of course, He probably saved a lot of American lives because they wouldn’t have to count on him for anything. Now he’s trying to privatize the Veteran’s Affairs. Isn’t that sweet? He’s proposing Selling Vets to some of his sleazy 1% country club over-privileged elitist aging trust fund babies. Selling about our lives, the same way they did during every war in their miserable lives.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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3 Responses to Mr Trump sells veterans at auction to private entities

  1. Avatar Idontunderstand says:

    I see you’re 57 and a veteran.

    So there was a veteran just jailed around about 30 some odd years old for a traffic infraction and marijuana use when the Fascist Judicial Pigs and Company found that he wasn’t to be using pot when he was using pot based on his urinalyses. The judge cited the Interstate Compact and the fact he was from a state where marijuana wasn’t legal to decide his fate. They put him on probation after he gets out of jail and he is homeless to boot. His father was a veteran and a former cop to hear him tell it.

    I know some of the solutions to this problem and am too worn out by all the bullshit from all sides to effectuate them other than pleading with others who know what the solutions are too to step up for this veteran. Futile I’m finding over and over.

    That aside and on a related note to the fact you are 57 and a veteran.

    I don’t need to – and am barely holding on to wanting to – understand why a veteran who claims he has a bronze star and likes to pull up his shirt and show those who take the time to talk to him the scar on his belly, a scar for I don’t know what.

    Why would he get upset – as a veteran who supposedly risked his life for America “to be great” – why would he not want the homeless to be informed of rights they have in front of the judiciary, legal rights they have and could use to stop the abuse of their rights as homeless people?

    Could it be related to the fact he WASN’T homeless and was sitting on the street begging for money claiming “anything helps” and that he is “disabled?”

    Could it be related to maybe he has no clue as to why he was likely oversees “fighting” and killing foreigners to earn that Bronze Star?

    Could it be related to the fact he was clearly an OLD WHITE MAN? An old white man who is not homeless and yet begging for money on the corner and wanting bizarrely to deny the homeless information? Why risk your life to earn a Bronze Star and come back and not want the homeless to be informed of their judicial rights?

    Colorado Springs? Land of the veteran? Land of the military? Land of the OLD WHITE MAN? What is his reasoning behind this?

  2. Avatar Idontunderstand says:

    Oh and I forgot. Land of a truly fucked up judiciary? Land of a judiciary who is in fact NOT following the law?

  3. they acquitted ex-Sheriff Terry (terrorist) Maketa. Has a few more but the ones about killing two of his neighbors in the Black Forest Fire by redirecting the fire department resources to HIS property.

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