Nutjob In Chief declares himself Global Emperor, all others TRAITORS…

I haven’t looked at it this morning… yet. Yesterday he said he would know within the first minute if Kim is going to (as Dumbshit Advisor il Douche Giuliani, most famous for being skunked twice by the same group {al Q’aeda allegedly} in the same place} “get down on his hands and knees” and repent his sin of not doing exactly what he was told to do unconditionally. In a surprise development he declared the entire NATO and UN and most embarrassingly Canadian PM Trudeau to be “TRAITORS”. It’s one of those Shit You Not moments. The disciples in his Cult are foaming at their collective mouth (as usual) at especially the Vast Majority of Americans who did NOT vote for his regime.

So, here’s their “Legal” available solution… Posse Comitatus. Especially the part that if the national government can not or will not enforce the laws the Citizens can take the law into their own hands. The doctrine got a major boost from Clay County Judge Lynch. THE definitive term “lynching”. They can get their guns together and go kill everybody in the world who will not bow before the Mighty Trump. Of course they probably won’t succeed even in the U.S. with that agenda. It hasn’t succeeded yet.

The Minutemen, another name for the Ku Klux Klan, including ex-Sheriff and still a Murderer Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona, (and Trump’s Butt Buddy)and his comrades Former Sheriff (and still Murderer) Terr(orist)y Maketa, who used county funds and facilities to organize and train the stupid bastard Minutemen Klan members right here in Colorado Springs, and who murdered at least two of his friends in the Black Forest wildfire by redirecting firefighting resources to his own property and letting the rest burn, baby, burn. See the next post… He was acquitted in a make-believe trial. But I do digress… Sheriff Jim Beicker of Fremont County Colorado who is an accomplice (but never indicted… See previous comment directly above) in the Murder of John Walter in his Concentration Camp in Cañon City… Where the first Klan formed outside the boundaries of the Former Confederacy.  (Limon and Sterling followed quickly) well, to end this paragraph-length sentence, maybe the MinuteKlan assholes will lead the way in Punishing the “traitors” who dare defy the Mighty Antichrist Trump.

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