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Today, as I was going with Miss Johnnie to her orthopaiedic office -I saw crews taking the life-supporting humble belongings from the camps of the poorest people in Colorado.  If you can’t get into shelter you don’t have any rights to property or to Life Itself. Dare to fight back, the PIGS will shoot you IN the back. There’s a measure in the Colorado Legislature that will be voted up or down tomorrow. The effete Wealthy Elitists who don’t care about the guns they sell to impoverish people around the war, are more embarrassed by People, many War Veterans, not so much them being dispossessed and impoverished, but they’re embarrassed that the survivors of the Wars the Corporate Thieves And Murderers used to gain their money…. the veterans and others are VISIBLE. The Local Churches like Focus on The Family and New Life applaud and preach to their congregations that the homeless people deserve to be exterminated.

Sounds over the top? I say the killing people using poverty as a weapon and then patting each other on the back on Sunday morning, those are over the top. That goes for the Mayor, the Governor, the DA, The AG, and every cop in the world as well. Pure and unapologetic  evil sons of Satan. The rest of it is about the ACLU.

Across the state, new laws are being added and old ones enforced that essentially make existence a crime for people experiencing homelessness.

These measures have nothing to do with public safety, they waste taxpayer dollars, and they fill our courts and jails with people who don’t deserve to be there. They do nothing to address the actual causes of homelessness, just criminalize it, hide it from sight, or drive it somewhere else.

On Wednesday, March 14, the House Local Government Committee will vote on the Right to Rest Act, a bill to ensure that all people, regardless of their economic or social status, have the right to exist in public places without fear of being ticketed, harassed, or arrested.

Urge the Committee to support the Right to Rest Act.

Message Recipients:
Representative Paul Rosenthal, Vice Chair
Representative James Coleman
Representative Tony Exum, Sr.
Representative Matt Gray
Representative Larry Liston
Representative Hugh Mckean
Representative Clarice Navarro
Representative Kim Ransom
Representative Jonathan Singer
Representative Dan Thurlow
Representative Donald Valdez
Representative James D

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