Russian team banned, go to Seoul and get to compete anyway

I guess the Team USA feel the only way they can win is if the Russians don’t compete. Here’s my take.Awwww… ‘merican athletes don’t get the competition eliminated so they’ll have to actually earn any victory. Team USA, you can do your gig better than I do. Not that I give three quarters of a fat rat’s left testicle, it’s GAMES. If you ever do something worthwhile in life, something that actually makes a difference to the world or the U.S. … Remember summer games 1972? I do. The U.S. basketball team lost by a couple of points to the Russians in what the Team Crybaby U.S.A. say was a bad call from the referees, so they as a team refused to take the Silver medal and still do. Get over yourselves, REAL pro basketball teams have the same thing every week. They don’t spend the next 45 years whining about it. Grow Up already. I’m going to put this on the NotMyTribe blog here in Colorado Springs.

Now, for a little more abusive Truth: Remember the “Miracle on Ice” nonsense? Where Reagan actually took the credit for the work of the athletes and the Stupid Party every 4 years play that stupid movie, glorifying it as proof that America is somehow better than Russia because of a game which kids play for fun. So, tell me, O Non-enlightened Ones, arbiters of all Truth… if the U.S. team beat the Russians means Americans are better than Russians, oh and by the way there were referee calls that may or maybe not helped the Team U.S.A., why didn’t the Soviets go on a multiple-decades crying spree.? Maybe the Russians showed themselves to be a little bit more mature.

And the basketball GAME a decade back ‘proved’ (by stupid party logic) that Russia is better or America worse, really? No, it did NOT. You want to show something REAL, how about the FACT there’s homeless AMERICAN PEOPLE camps/Hoovervilles right across Fountain Creek from your training center right here in the Springs. In a ‘bull market’ that lasted about 9 years of subsidized but somehow “free market” (only for those who are already rich) and you saw it every day when you were “working” out. You don’t care about the People and you never did. Go cry to your mommas about that bad man refusing to endorse your team. Let me know if you ever do anything relevant.

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