Slidell Teacher made rant of African Americans daring to complain about racism

So, I wrote a comment to the New Orleans Advocate About the Slidell School teacher commenting (racist)about Kaepernick …
I read the comment over and over, almost identical on Yahoo news that Africans were entirely to blame for slavery. This impacts the Statues debate. OK, so you have admitted that the slaves WERE dragged violently from their homes, shackled, sold, taken to America and sold again, kept in perpetual imprisonment, Life Sentence not for ANY crime, and their children placed in slavery for the heinous SIN of being born, with no status as even Human, forbidden to have money, learn to read, have their own names given by their families, and were subject to be raped, beaten and even murdered for the ‘crime’ of refusing the orders Your ancestors gave, with no appeals, no Due Process, but it was OK with your ancestors and OBVIOUSLY YOUR OWN lack of conscience,BECAUSE THE ONES WHO TOOK THEM FROM THEIR HOMES AND SOLD THEM TO YOUR ANCESTORS WERE AFRICAN.

Tell me, oh mighty and wise Right Wing Racists, Did Your Ancestors Have The Mandate To Keep Them In Bondage? Your Ancestors said, and you have in this current discussion said that they did right by the slaves.

Did the African slavers FORCE your ancestors to buy the slaves? Did the African Hate Merchants force your ancestors to eventually start a civil war that cost the lives of half a million Americans including African Americans who were liberated and joined the U.S.Army to fight for their own freedom and that of their children?

Confederate General Nathan Bedford-Forrest ordered the MURDER of United States POWs because they were ‘escaped’ runaway slaves. Far from condemning the Confederate massive terrorist war crime that is being, still, TODAY… you hold hate rallies like at Charlottesville, where one of your ‘soldiers’ James Fields, used his car as a weapon and murdered one woman and many others wounded… Because the town was taking down the statues of the War Criminals including Bedford-Forrest. I’m from Texas where the public schools said the same b.llsh.t in our ‘History’ in 7th grade. I deeply resent you for making all Southerners seem stupid.

Re: The Statues… When the Universities or municipalities take them down, just buy them. Put them up on YOUR OWN PROPERTY, maybe in the sanctuary of your ‘church’, you’re already committing idolatry and blasphemy, same with the Flag. That’s 4 of God’s Top Ten No-no List, can’t sell any more of your souls so maybe you should get as much for them as you can get. By the way, When you make barking noises about putting the Ten Commandments on every public building, are you trying to appease God or is it just a to-do list? Do the other 9 on Saturday to get a perfect score? Y’all need to get you some Jesus.

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