So I looked at the Gazette… and the pigs killed another one.

And they got away it surprise surprise surprise. So I thought to myself as I often do ‘self, it ain’t going to get worse than this’ so I let it simmer… mostly because my PTSD the pigs violently imposed upon me wouldn’t allow me to be coherent and unbiased, then, well, we got it a lot worse, and y’all already heard and read and the Dead Prisoners patiently waiting for me to not let their murders untold. Billy-boy Elder, well, he’s not as bad as Maketa right? Wrong. Satanic puke just like the other Left Hand of Satan Maketa. I poached most of the next part from news sources. Not plagiarizing because the worst parts of it are from police press releases. So let’s all read this and see what the articles are Theirs and which are mine. What I write could be considered libel or slander, but since it’s TRUE I don’t worry at all.
So, roulons y!
This was reported sept 8. last week the pigs admitted it was homicide.
The Colorado Springs Police Department is investigating the death of an inmate who was in custody at the justice center on Thursday. No other information was provided by the police department, other than the case will be forwarded to the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office for review.

This from last year… Police The 10th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Pueblo cleared officers of wrongdoing in the Sept. 7, 2017, death of an inmate at El Paso County’s Criminal Justice Center, according to a May 11 Colorado Springs Police Department news release.

Eliezer Tirado-Ortiz, 40, was arrested after deputies were sent to 2864 S. Circle Drive, where Tirado-Ortiz had been “acting erratically,” punching doors and the like. In a patrol car, Tirado-Ortiz banged his head against the window, sweated profusely and admitted he had taken heroin. Arrested for drug possession, he was taken to the jail where he died after six deputies used “hand and knee strikes” on him and restrained his arms and legs for about 11 minutes. say there is no threat to the community in regards to the death at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center.Of course Internal Affairs PIGS let their fellow PIGS get away with beating a handcuffed and otherwise restrained Human TO DEATH.That’s what happens when you allow sociopaths (and ALL cops are sociopaths) to manipulate the courts and the really STUPID ‘back the badge’ Brainwashed Fanatics. The Coroner and Sheriff Elder and the Mayor, John Suthers, (who all helped cover up the murder of John Christopher Walter) (p.s. Suthers as Colorado Attorney General coordinated the coverup on that

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