This from the range war Clive Bundy incited

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The top line is a link, the next is a picture of the post. The godless ‘father’ Don Trump promised the Clive Bundy’s of the world that he would seize any native lands they want. Anywhere in the world but especially the Native Lands in America. As for Bundy and his accomplices …He also is going to sell them as well. That comes out redundant and repetitive but it’s suitable. Thieves depending on honor among thieves. The Shoshone Tribal Nation have a much better claim on the same land. U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro in her Kangaroo Kourt decided FOR White Nazi Sympathizers. What will Her Dishonorable Majesty do when his stormtroopers starts deporting all Americans with Spanish Surnames? Arrogant thieving murdering PUNKS, the lot of them. The Trumpistas, including Cliven Bundy and his Klan Fanatics, had been marked for impeachment because she was appointed by Obama. So she sold out. There’s a German term for people like her, like in the concentration camps (which housed anarchists and a lot of other non-Jewish prisoners) and it means a prisoner who does the dirty work for the Pigs. “LagerKapo”

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