Travel Channel blatant revelation of Jefferson intent to commit genocide

Don Wildman had on the notoriously jingoistic U.S. propaganda “travel channel” and “history channel” did a segment of Mysteries of the Museum show, “Bigger is Better” about Jefferson saving America’s reputation by sending a dead moose to France, to convince Europeans to illegally immigrate to the U.S. without the permission of Native Americans so the “empty” continent could be populated. Bitch, there were millions of Americans beyond the borders of the U.S. They’re called “Indians”. Don Wildman never once in his narrative mentioned that in his Propaganda Lie. He declared Jefferson’s actions as ‘heroic’. This was the SAME Jefferson, president, author of a document stating both equality of all men, and declaring that Slaves who were liberated by the British and Native Americans who kept their treaties, mutually, with the British who hired Native Tribes to fight with their army, to be mutinous and murderers. Doesn’t mention that Jefferson was screwing his slaves, no consent needed. Or the Native Tribes who fought alongside the so-called “patriots”. Nope, he had to demonize any non-white person in the entire North American continent.

So he was recruiting pioneers, which is a MILITARY term, to come to America, come armed, and murder as many Natives as possible because, in his judgment, White was better than any other cultural group. Don Wildman and the History and Travel used or excused the notion of Systematic, Brutal,  and with prior malice Murder of entire tribes and more than decimated all other tribes, to be a Good Thing. This while the U.S. Government was violating every standing treaty AND every treaty subsequently entered into. At least Wildman makes no secret of his hatred for non-whites. Even though he omitted every semblance of a mention of that fact. Jefferson hid his hatred under flowery terms like “we hold this truth to be self evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. As president, he did not once pardon or show any form of clemency for slaves who were convicted of escape, having money or learning to read. All of which were Capital Offenses. Of course the Jefferson Cult, the “original intent” fanatics, will say over and over that their so-called “founding fathers” weren’t Aristocratic Racist Arrogant Tyrants.

And let us not forget, Murderers and Thieves.


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