Trump decides to drop hardline , Warmongers at FOX mortally insulted.

not enough to abandon their Choir Director, that would be silly. They simply shifted their tune, somewhat Orwellian in scope and method  “and in other news, Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Outer Canuckistan” and by golly I just had a flashback to “Bigger, Longer, Uncut” with the South Park Kids singing “Blame Canada!” It’s a good thing I stopped getting high a decade + and thus, I was a little less Had My Brain For Breakfast.

But now the “enemy” are all the U.S. colonial occupied Western Europe and Canada. 800 U.S. Military bases around the world, but it’s somehow not called Imperialism at least by the propaganda bureau, Ministry of FOX, can condition Americans to accept Empire as a ‘good thing’ . Stop sneering, the First President Roosevelt was a rabid Imperialist, New York is called the Empire State for a reason. The Brits too. The rest of the countries have offshore bases, 77 of them, mostly NATO.It’s American arrogance.

Reagan scolded us for using the term Big Brother and swore he wasn’t an Imperialist, even included it in the 1984 election. In short he and all his successors LIED.

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