Trump wants to abolish Child Labor Laws (and public education)

t-Rump wants kids in the Coal Mines because they’re smaller, get into small spaces, and they don’t have a fully developed survival instinct, the same reason kids were put into Coal Mines and other hazardous jobs and the reason the practice was ended by law. And poor kids don’t need no learning especially in the Red States cause on account they ain’t going to need to read or write while picking cotton, slaughtering cows or chickens and of course they ain’t going to be reading in the Coal Mines. Or as Hitler was quoted “Universal Public Education is the most corrosive toxin that Liberalism inflicts upon itself, the Masses need only enough education to be efficient soldiers in our armies and coolies in our industries” And yes, the Same People who write for Stormfront and Alt-Right and Breitbart and are so very beloved by t-Rump as “there are good people on each side” and the ones who said Just Before The Election that Trump was their property… yeah, those guys, they say that quotation could not have been originated or echoed by Hitler… So pathetic congenital liars like that should be the only arbiters of History… just ask Trump, he had plenty of time to rebuke the American Snotzies and the Klan, but for some reason he Never Did.

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