Tucker Carlson CLAIMS a mob threatened him

Says they were Antifa but as he doesn’t know any Antifa how would identify any of them? It’s not like they wear uniforms. This has the smell of Right Wingnut Poseurs, agents provocateurs. If I recall correctly he made a wild shitstorm claiming that ‘mexicans’ had shot up his house. With no confirmed suspects, witnesses or bullets.
the yahoo trolls are having a field day. this from some lady gina..
@Gina Really? Where’s the beef, lady? Carlson identified them as antifa, so, really, how would he know that? Does he have some kind of psychic powers beyond what the police know? Isn’t he the one who in 2009 claimed ‘mexicans’ shot his house, with no evidence that his house was actually shot, he wasn’t home, and nobody actually was identified or even SEEN? There was a hole big enough to be a 22 slug. but no slug. In which case the persons (if they even existed) would be one person, as no two people are going to fire one round. Which wasn’t found. Other sources in the ‘Mob’ identified them as protesters, So Tucker can bad mouth anybody and a lot of somebodies but nobody better talk back to him or You or your antichrist president? Free speech but only for Right Wing Racists like Trump and Tucker? Look up a couple of sentences in your search bar, rather than hit the Instant Censor, argue it in our venue. If you have courage and evidence.or bullets. I think you won’t. Right Wing Trolls are like that.

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