US president spills beans on shitholes where developed world goes to shit.

Citing “shithole countries” of Africa, Trump impolitely referenced where it is that developed nations go to shit. OBVIOUSLY, SHITHOLE is vulgar, derogatory and unhelpful. Used by the US president to describe dark-skinned nations, it’s reprehensible and racist. But “shithole” is more than a euphemism. Literally it’s a place made awful by being the dumping ground of everyone’s excrement. The specific lands which Trump slandered, El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, and all of Africa, are beautiful, scenic, and bountiful places. How could “shitholes” begin to describe them? Well, in a gold-plated toilet scale… Isn’t “shithole” an appropriately condescending description of the purposefully underdeveloped and exploited African and Caribbean lands? The victims of the externalized costs of colonialism, capitalism, and now climate disaster, are what President Trump calls shithole countries. Predictably the international western press is translating shithole in its colloquial sense, not its literal, as shabby, backward, etc. –obviously to spare western readers from embarrassing themselves about their abusive relation to the third world, because there is absolutely no doubt that every culture and every language has a word (which predates plumbing) for where the community goes to shit.

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  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    that is stupid beyond belief. Good thing it’s not a crime though. Let them have free speech and they’ll out themselves, with a quickness. Of course, stupid words have a tendency to precipitate stupid actions. Tee Rump is paying much of his budget to suppress the evidence of his true nature. A little math to show, he didn’t get a majority of the votes, the White Supremacist crowd keep whining about declining birth rates for White on White couples, screeching about being replaced, so IF:
    a) they are the majority
    b) still didn’t get a majority of the vote
    c) their assertions that tee Rump got a large portion of the ‘racial minority’ votes
    he didn’t get a majority of the White vote, who are supposedly his own ‘base’ and that of his Supremacist backers. Things seem very grim for our neighbors who have insisted, loudly, they aren’t racist and they’re not a hate group.

    It’s going to be really amusing to hear them trying to clean that up.

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