Veterans Affairs budget on CSPAN right now.

They’re temporarily raising funding, but Rep Phil Roe R Tennessee is talking cutting (redirecting) Appeals. Meaning anybody who is screwed by the Privatization Dr Roe also advocates, doesn’t get an appeal.  Then there’s the Really Big Dead Elephant Stinking Up The Parlor…. Stop the Fucking Wars and the rest will fall into place. Rep. Tim Walz D Minnesota is questioning the numbers. 4 billion emergency funds and a 20 Billion shortfall. Some more repetitious advice from ME… Stop the Fucking Wars. None of the wars being fought right now, the 800 U.S. offshore Military Bases, not one penny of it is actually defending America.

One really bad idea is privatizing construction and maintenance because the contractors are going to be  Halliburton and the Koch Brothers. Think Trump doesn’t have investments in those companies? Especially since they’re getting so many Military contracts. Thieves of a Feather flock together. I was about to say fuck together but I had a rare moment of propriety so I won’t. Dear Readers, aren’t you the lucky ones. Now there addressing Legacy Appeals. “walking away” from them. Think Agent Orange, asbestos and Depleted Uranium.

Boy, Howdy! More corporate asswipes cheering for that. Brings Monsanto and Exxon into the feast on the still living flesh of veterans, their spouses or widows and The People In Other Countries.

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