Yemeni people in Yemen treated like Homeless PEOPLE in America

The criminal Elitists don’t care less (or more) for Yemeni people than they do for American people. There’s a bill being pushed in the Colorado Legislature, to be voted on TODAY, “the Right to Rest”, to stop jailing and dehumanizing People who don’t have homes. There are elitist pricks who want to take the vote away from people who rent rather than own. The lie they tell is that tenants don’t pay property taxes. But,,,, where do the landlords get the money to pay property taxes? Real Estate rentals are a big moneymaker, otherwise there wouldn’t be any investment in doing so. The land barons didn’t create the land, they didn’t take a single square foot of land from the “savage” but they sure did hire, at other people’s expense, soldiers to kill the natives and imprison any who weren’t murdered. They got it “dirt cheap”, they’re still doing it here and abroad, and they can blacklist people, many of them soldiers who were instrumental in expanding the Empire in Iraq and Yemen and Saudia and Israel and all the other Puppet “democracies” where all human rights are leased on a day-to-day basis. Don’t support the Puppet Masters? Say so aloud? You won’t be allowed to even rent a home.You won’t have a place to lay your head and if you insist on surviving they’ll throw you in jail, and they’ll force you to work essentially for no wages to “pay your debt to society”. They’ll say “love it or leave it, but to another jurisdiction which is owned by the same cowardly lazy so-called “Elite” thieves.

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