A new low for Racists

Sue Judge Jeanine Pirro for plagiarism of the book “50 years in the ‘church’ of Rome” author Charles Chiniquy, she used the term “placing faith ahead of patriotism” accusing a Representative who is Muslim and wears hijab. and Jeanine said she is putting sha’ariah above U.S. Law. In “50 years in the ‘church’ of Rome” Chiniquy said exactly the same thing about Catholics. It was quite the same racist anti-immigrant anti-Catholic anti-Irish anti-Italian Hate Propaganda that’s the model for anti-semitic and anti-Arabic (Same thing, really,people who use the Bible as history commonly stop and sneak around the whole narrative of the old and new testaments about Abraham and his very large family)

Caution: The Bible as History is NOT what you heard in Sunday School. Just like Lebanon isn’t a majority Arab nation, nor are Turkey or Syria, during the Exodus they were the Philistines. (Greek) Just have to be careful. And if you count the casualties of the Israelite Wars, More Israelites were killed by Other Israelites. Look to the last two chapters of the Book of Judges, see what was done to the Tribe of Benjamin. That’s IF you want to see what the Bible says. Also the Israelites slaughtered more Israelites than they did foreigners. And most of that count was tribes of Abraham’s cousins and nephews. Edom for instance.

As for the book Jeanine plagiarized, it’s published now by Chick Publications of Nashville, Tennessee. Jeanine, honey, you can hate me all you want, but Jesus still loves you… it’s everybody else who thinks you suck.

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