absurd fascist fantasies

They for instance during the 2000 election had tee shirts with a picture of Ronald Reagan, John Wayne and George W Bush wearing cowboy clothes and the caption ‘my heroes have always been cowboys.’ But none of them were ever cowboys. Or real soldiers. OK Bush DID join the Air National Guard, weekend warrior… and he deserted from that.

then their weird hangup about a little girl in England who retrieved a sword out of a pond. My take on it, since it was of recent make, like maybe ten years… so it could not possible be Excalibur by 1500 years… oh, did I not point out these goofballs actually believe that it’s real and that the sword Excalibur could only be wielded by the True King of England… cue the funny part via Monty Python Players… ‘Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government…. ‘

which moves into equally silly National Enquirer ‘news paper’ as they predict the Queen of England was at death’s door for the past 30 years and she’s banish this or that member of her family and which heir would be crowned by her which is bullshit.

Parliament chooses the next monarch. Since George the first who was least obnoxious of the English court. Least likely to burn Britain into a new Stone Age. Back to the gibberish they spew about Wayne, Reagan and Bush being some sort of heroic figures.

It is, sadly, their perception, their ethic, the crap they teach their kids… Oh, the Enquirer is one of Trump’s investments.

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