Armed “civilians” detaining suspected ‘illegals’ in New Mexico

Update: The FBI have arrested the leader of the pack. Not that the cops are opposed to racist bullshit.  (pause to laugh my butt off)  but they really don’t want to be shot themselves. We now return to our regular program…

“civilians” my ASS. It’s the Klan, and have killed people before and Trump doesn’t care. Notice they wear masks, hoods? They know they’re breaking the law. Also they’re cowards.

Ever since Bedford-Forrest had them kill Americans, started a ‘civil’ War that killed 500,000 American REAL Soldiers 200k Confederates and 300k U.S. soldiers. There’s more…

At Fort Pillow Mississippi Bedford-Forrest ordered his “men” to Murder U.S. Soldiers who had been captured, POWs, Because They Were Emancipated Slaves. Really nice fellows.

Over the past 158 years they were and still are the most prolific Terrorist Organization. The half million soldiers in the ‘civil’ War outstripped all the other American War Dead.

Two Weeks Ago one of their Klan kowards burned down 3 churches in Louisiana because he is white and the congregations aren’t. He had a list of other churches. I said that, fight goes with it.

Another Trump Supporter Was Arrested for Allegedly Making Death Threats Against Democrats… THAT’S TWICE IN THREE WEEKS.

Trump coordinates the Terrorists and gives them every method to contact the victims. that’s twice in three weeks. And Adam Purington in Olathe KS and James Fields Jr at Charlottesville Virginia and Cesar Sayoc mailing bombs and the Trumpista who shot up the Tree of Life Synagogue…

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