Biggest Badass Black Friday in history and the markets are tanking.

got it off yahoo finance, fresh from the fire. Maybe Jared Kuchner (or however he spells his last name) can accidentally fall off the top of 666 Park Ave and if he lands on any of the Trump Klan it’s 50 bonus points Did you know, the entire ‘family’ have . THE maximum Security Clearance?
So did and probably still does Sebastian ‘the chimp’ Gorka, who is a Neo Nazi who has an Intepol warrant in Hungary..
So does Jared.

Remember when Jimmy Carter gave that clearance to Amy, Billy, Rosalyn, the Pastor of the third baptist church of Plains GA? Neither do I…

Chump and his son-in-law are trying their worth to rearrange the global economy to their private profit. Happy Holidays.

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