Fallen Pastors McConnell and Linsay Graham tell us not to prosecute the Criminal in Chief…

Why did the “not guilty” Trump want every aspect of the Mueller investigation to be held secret? Must be something really big, because he routinely snitches himself out with some hard core crimes. The Real Estate fraud he pulled on the Libyan Delegation to the U.N. That’s grand theft AND Treason, he brags about it, and somehow Some People are Stupid enough to still enter into contracts with him.

Why did the Trump Towers-Moscow get canceled? Could it be that KGB bigshot Putin doesn’t trust Trump? Clever Lad. Let’s go at the Not Clever Lad, it’s really intrigue served on a silver charger. (Yes, that’s a religious joke) Why did the Orange Toddler tell his confidants (I would never trust their confidence) to “take the 5th”? And not cooperate with an investigation by a Republican cop? Seriously, taking the 5th means not Snitching Off Your Self.

Telling his hench (for a better word) ‘men’ to hide evidence against HIM? Not testifying against yourself is NOT a crime, but refusing to testify about Somebody Else committing a crime, Is A Crime. Why did he spend a week on Facebook and Twitter about a Dead Man having given evidence to the Cops instead of the Criminal in Chief…?

Lindsay Graham and McConnell and other preachers standing up to lie In The Name Of God, along with false priests Brownback, Huckabee, Sarah Sanders and her wife who is also a ‘minister of the gospel’ and Pence, there’s a bunch of them. Telling us that we must obey their Beast Trump… But God didn’t tell everybody else… And the preachers mentioned, are some hate-filled well… “angels” isn’t the correct term.

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