Huawei “crisis” to Crybaby In Chief…

Meaning he invested in some of the companies and is pissed beyond mortal ken, Because Huawei got (and this is important) THE LEAD IN DEVELOPMENT OF ANDROID DEVICES, SO FAR AHEAD OF THE PACK THAT NOBODY CAN SAY THAT CHINA IS REVERSE ENGINEERING OR OTHERWISE STEALING TECHNOLOGY.

Because the European and American brands don’t have the the technology to steal. The other leader is South Korea’s Samsun. There offer is $1200. Huawei’s 5g phone is $600. Somebody in my economic status would readily that Huawei is selling a pocket sized supercomputer for (slightly) less than a months pay. While Samsung doesn’t.

So Trump is calling it a National Crisis. Meaning he goes around due process and congress or the will of the people, a dictatorship ploy to put money in his account at our expense.

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