Just before the NZ attack, Trump said Supremacists ‘not a real problem’

I chopped together stuff on Yahoo comments, they’re really quick to censor. Not Yahoo, anybody can challenge anybody, flag them, anonymously .. like craigslist. I expect royalties from them, they’re getting traffic to their sites..

The Trumpistas demand that everybody in America obey their Master. Ain’t gonna happen. When chided for being in league with the Klan one of the Maggot Hats said “SAL123” wrote
“blacks 13% of the population but murder more whites than whites murder blacks”…. So the HONEST Maggot Hat storm troopers admit they’re racists. Even though their Inglorious Leader says you’re not racist. In another post somebody said he was a legal immigrant so he didn’t have to worry about the Border Patrol.

I was born in Kansas and raised in Texas, MY family were here 12,000 years, but the Border Patrol braced me up at gunpoint, on a few occasions, and when I asked why they did that they said I “look Mex”… but you Trump Worshiping Klansmen say the Border Patrol aren’t racists? Not Klan related? I’ll bet the Minutemen will have an entry at today’s St Patrick’s parade. Sheriff Elder is a Klan member just like his former boss Maketa. Lie to yo’ Momma. One of the incidents, I was waiting outside my -occasionally- employers office waiting for him to open up., in El Paso Texas, March of 1986, and a black van with tinted windows did a u-turn right in front of me. door slammed open and 5 black fatigue-clad guys with balaklava face masks, waving those pocket size machine guns… Uzis? Mac10s? Don’t know. I saw them mostly looking down the muzzles so I was not overly curious about make model or caliber. And they were screaming at me in Spanish which at the time I didn’t speak. I thought “O, my God, Nacho (friend, short for Ignacio) done ripped off the Colombians and now I’m going to DIE… so I broke out my best Spanish (meaning, shit I don’t understand what they’re saying) and said”perdoname, no hablo nada espanol, por favor hablan Ingles?” THEN they told me they were La Migra. Mighty white of them. What I thought was Donde Nacho as in “where’s Nacho?” was ‘a donde nacio? meaning “where were you born?” They said I ‘look mex’ but they’re supposed to not be Gestapo/Fascist/Klansmen. According to trump and his Maggot Hat minions. Who he, against all evidence, says aren’t supremacists. And they chant his favorite hymn “we are not supremacists and are only afraid of blacks, mexicans, Indians, Asians, and anybody who doesn’t conform to our skin tone, religion, language” you know the full list, if you’ve been paying attention. They never apologized and for that matter they never identified themselves by name, never took off their Russian Ski Masks or lowered their guns. Nothin’ Fascist about that, eh?

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