M.I.C., Wall St. :Boeing space plane in trouble

My grandfather was an engineer (normally would have been a commissioned officer but he was a sergeant…) on the U.S. team working on rocketry with the von Braun team at Taiwan, Austria, White Sands, Aberdeen, a bunch of completely classified, the last was in Germany with no dependents allowed… 1966-67 and while he never blabbed, but a couple of his comrades at the VFW who should have to shut the h3// up but didn’t… the gist of it was and is the Soviet program steadily beat our collect hindquarters on a regular schedule up to and beyond the moon landings. Because they at the time neither parties could find water on the moon. You won’t get any of this in junior high school… but the landers wasn’t the focus. Going down, that is. The important experiment was and still is that you can with a minimal energy from the moon to lunar orbit, slingshot to Earth orbit and land (on water) the equivalent of 10 nuclear ‘devices’ landing exactly where and when predicted. To put a missile base would have and now might be, easy-peasy. But the precious O2 which we all need and love needs water, as there is no air.

Scientific American magazine (1983) confirmed that but just a little sidewise, putting the targeting the minerals on the moon as the designated mission. Do any readers serial believe that the belligerent parties have given away their wet-dreams of total domination by putting a Russian, Pentagon, China, India, Pakistan, the list grows steadily? Setbacks and lost test pilots be da..ned and Boeing, a huge Military-Industry Complex veteran, do you really think they’ll stop with such a project? A 250,000 distant from any group could just attack it? Really? When whatever vehicle would be seen from the moon during the entire 3 days to get there? Yeah, right.

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