McConnell defends Trump’s blatant racism, Lamborn follows suit…

“Trump not racist” says McConnell the person who gained the entirety of his wealth from slavery. A ‘man’ who celebrates Klan founder Bedford-Forrest, and Daniel Boone who deliberately brought Illegal Immigrants over Thunder Road, aka “cumberland gap” into Choctaw, Shawnee and Cherokee Sovereign Nations, breaking treaties …

McConnell also worships at the shrines of Cassius Clay, Andrew Jackson and the Kentucky judge in Clay (see previous entry) County KY “judge” Lynch. Sound familiar? McConnell worships ‘men’ who murdered thousands of Americans because the victims had brown skins… So why does McConnell somehow have the power to judge what is or not Racism?

And why the silence from Lamborn? Is it shame for his Fascist Party? No. He’s refusing, as always, playing partisanship is his survival for his career. afraid of his comrades but mostly because he likes being a fascist suck.

We have a few, you know, infesting our local governance. Doug Bruce. The former Sheriff Maketa and Protege Elder. Mayor Suther who rode shotgun as Attorney General to shield Sheriffs and City Cops and prison guards and amateur militia such as the Minutemen, when they harmed or even (especially) killed usually handcuffed prisoners. It’s their modus operandum. And prey on the fears of racist Mostly RepubliKlan Party voters.

And the majority of those murdered are ones who don’t pass the Paper Bag Test.  For those fortunate enough to have never been in the south, if your complexion is darker than a paper bag you’re a ‘ni##er’ Yeah, the Klan establishment still do that.

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