Mr Trump (trying to) set himself up to be the anti-Christ

And as always trying to make a large bunch of stolen bread.

His Royal Travesty got smacked down by his own party, the emergency funds set aside for natural and (oil spills) un-natural anticipated. For a pleasant change it’s set up and ready to roll.
Floods already in the Gulf of Mexico wreak havoc, and not even the first hurricane… yet. So Congress, both houses, set aside $18 Billion.

There’s a catch, of course. Mr Chump is demanding China to bow before him. Compounded by 3 Wars that Bolton is setting up, using lies of course, on the Incubator Babies level.
China won’t pay extra to buy U.S. grains and soybeans. So ThumpaSoreAss Wrecks says he will compensate U.S. farmers to the tune of 15 billion bux. And has taken a couple billion more or less to pay for another 25 miles of his Spite Fence… from the “defense” budget. Soldiers, listen up… that bread is your bonus you were counting on. and now it ain’t going to come your way.

and the fence will cost about $15B. Where will that bread be sourced? See the paragraph about Disaster Relief funds. Houston, you have a problem.

Houston is being flooded. Again, the first hurricane is probably next month. There were 3 count ’em 3 refinery explosions in the past two months. In Houston. In flood season.

Foreign Wars start in the multiple billion dollars to wage. EACH. Remember when Bush The Elder and Bolton said the first Gulf war would pay for itself? It hasn’t.

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