New York Post stirs Ilhan Omar controversy with 9/11 cover

and while the White Supremacists were threatening Ms Omar for being dark skinned and Muslim… THREE Mostly Black churches were burned, in Louisiana. Who do YOU Supremacists believe did that? Oh, that’s right, YOUR ‘christian’ soldiers in the Klan.

I actually speak English, which Ms Omar actually spoke when she actually reminded everybody who has rational capacity that the 9/11 was not done by every Muslim in the world or even America. Which is very true.

If every Muslim has to answer for every other Muslim in the world, then every White Person in the world would share guilt in the Holocaust and even the murder of Jesus.

The Republican party needs to kick the White Supremacists out of the Party and not allow them back in until they apologize and renounce their hatred. The Democratic Party did, told the Klan to renounce or leave. They left, formed the Dixiecrat Party and joined the Republican Party.

The “party of Lincoln” became the party of Slavery, Segregation and other massive Hate Crimes. Simply because the Republicans don’t have the courage to do what the Democrats did 50 years ago.

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