Otto Warmbier’s mom says Korean cops “absolute evil”

Re: Otto Warmbier … My condolences, but what about John Christopher Walter who was murdered by the AMERICAN cops in Fremont County Colorado, in custody, 5 years ago, tortured to death and denied medical treatment, over 18 days, without a single hearing. He was 54 years old, weighed 110 pounds when arrested and weighed 90 when his torturerers “found” him dead in the Observation Cell which is right behind the Booking Desk.

He had 9 broken ribs.

His murderers were Sgt Greene, Corporal Maas and Corporal Hudspeth. None of them have been charged. “Our” Mayor was the head investigator along with the El Paso Sheriff and Coroner, and they ‘cleared’ the PIG MURDERERS, which was overturned after Suthers was no longer the Colorado Attorney General.

In my experiences, when the PIGS are ‘assaulted’ it’s started by the PIG because he was ‘disrespected’ or the prisoner ‘talked back’ and Colorado Springs Courts universally find the prisoner guilty “in a make believe trial, slapped the sheriff on the back with a smile, said “supper’s waiting at home and I gotta get to it” Maybe y’all PIGS could sue me for Definition of Character.

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