SB181 passes, Billionaire Tax Dodgers call foul, Houston we have a problem…

The Mining and “energy” companies say that by actually protecting our kids and neighbors from further toxic disasters… somehow is BAD for our schools. Like in Texas, where the kiddo’s can’t go out to the recreation yard (damn, that sounds like a prison description) when the ozone and other gas-induced toxic air levels, on warm days, because it is really killing the kids. And grownups too. For those who don’t understand what a thermal inversion is like, well, you probably never went to Texas. It’s also called smog. Asthma kills, and there’s a lot of it there. Can’t run or even walk if you can’t breathe. But wait! There’s MORE! You’ve probably heard of people sniffing glue to get high… A large Thermal Inversion coupled with a chemical spill at a refinery… just like the ones SB181 is preventing…

This in a major city, actually a lot of conglomerate cities known as the Greater Houston Area… which had at the eastern edge, at Texas City, a large amount of benzene, from the New Improved Safe Refineries… it kind of got lost in the shuffle from the Deepwater Horizon Extra Secure Oil Platform polluting the entire Gulf of Mexico. Remember that? I do… but the same cast and crew who brought us the Exxon-Valdez disaster and before that the chlorine ‘leak’ in Bhotal India. And the ongoing Refinery Leak in Greater Houston is experiencing is spilling Benzene into the Trinity River, Buffalo Bayou and hundreds of creeks all poison not just Houston but the Gulf….

So, how does trying to keep our friends, neighbors, rank strangers etc.. here, in Colorado, somehow put our schools in jeopardy?

The bizillionaire cartel wanting to pollute our already polluted waterways such as Rio Grande going south from Pagosa Springs to the Gulf, The Platte and Arkansas flowing into the Missouri thence to the Mississippi and the Gulf, the Colorado River going to the Gulf of California… Oh, and the irrigation canals on ALL these waterways which could easily become toxic and how do we find out? Historically we found out when our pets, children, elders etc. falling ill and/or death. But the Jackarses ALWAYS say they’ve got it under control. I’m calling bullshit. One of the backers of the now stalled plans to rape Mother Earth once more, Pete Coors. You know, Pure Rocky Mountain Spring water… Which Is Downstream From Mining Unregulated Toxic Waste. That flows into the Platte to Missouri to Mississippi to the Gulf to the Atlantic… don’t like the truth coming out like this? Sue me. At the trial I’ll challenge you in court to drink a big old helping of water from the Platte. Or the Rio Grande.

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