Stable Genius crashed capitalism and said we must vote for him

… or he won’t be able to fix it

…barring impeachment, forced out of office and probably jailed after near 3 years he’ll have one more year to ‘fix’ the damaged economy. And it’s beyond his capacity.

Let us ponder his record… the workers he had build “his” projects, and of the financial sponsors he so generously and no doubt modestly took the credit and left the workers, financiers (including the U.S. Treasury) and buyers and suppliers with bereft of the work and money they were due…

so they took (take) legal actions to hope to get some of their wages after sometimes decades of him avoiding to pay up. He bitched about being sued so often and pouts like a toddler that the Treasury doesn’t lend him money without interest. And the only sincere and honest words he has ever said is that he believes he has the divine right to all of it.

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