The Central Park 5 scandal being revisited

It’s coming out, bigly, that Mr Trump has been trying to incite somebody, anybody (other than himself) for 2 1/2 DECADES to murder the young men now middle aged for a Crime They Did Not Commit. Now the narrative becomes “Well, since they’re non-Whites they must have done some atrocity and they still need to be lynched. The specter comes through that whatever Trump says with the theme of “kill them and you’ll be rewarded” such as Adam Purington blowing away a systems administrator who was a Hindu and another who was Anglo Saxon… because Trump doesn’t like Muslim PEOPLE and Purington thought that he was killing Iranians. James Fields Jr. plowed a car into a crowd of anti-Klan folks. Killed one, injured a lot more… a man described as ‘homeless’ threw hot coffee onto the clerk at a 7-Eleven (because he was stealing the coffee) and claims that he did it because he hates Muslims. This past week. The Human Being he assaulted is Sikh. But in the eye of your average Trumpista, “if you ain’t White you ain’t right”. Funny how that works.

A Trumpista editor of a podunk ass town newspaper (So, you remember when Trump just last week disavowed and broke away from all his Klan supporters, like Goodloe Sutton, the editor and publisher of the Democrat-Reporter in Linden, Ala., wrote the editorial titled “Klan needs to ride again” and Trump tweeted every person on the web denouncing the white trash… ? Yeah, I don’t remember that either) notice my mastery of the () to break up a large concept into several smaller ones and then stitches them back together.

Sadly, he didn’t rebuke far less just get rid of them.

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