Trump Administration Stalls On Request For Trump’s Tax Returns

Nixon said he was above the law. Unlike Trump, Nixon won reelection by a majority vote and didn’t have to resort to the Electoral College, AND DON’T FORGET IT WAS PUT INTO THE CONSTITUTION TO PROTECT SLAVE OWNERS.

McGovern was not a crook. Nixon said of Nixon that Nixon was not a crook. But Nixon WAS a crook. The crime which brought him down, Tax Evasion. People who depend on Tax Money to finance their campaigns and their salaries should really pay attention to that fact.

Trump got ‘elected’ with 39 percent of the popular vote. e.g. The Real People Who Each Voted Once. Hillary also lacked a Majority. But she had a Plurality. Six Million More Actual Real People Who Voted Once Each. Trump threw a tanTrump because his handlers had promised him the fix was in. And demanded an investigation about voters who MIGHT have voted ‘illegally’ but Definitely less than 1% of the final count. This is an action of a person LEGITIMATELY ELECTED?

This author says No. And I DID write of myself in the editorial pronoun. Sue me.

As for Kavanaugh being servile, a trained dog if you will, and taking a bullet for Trump… well, he WAS smart enough to go to law school, maybe Trump’s ASSUMPTION that he is the most beloved person in the world,hmm? Do YOU think he’s that beloved?

Kavanaugh and one other not taking the bet, recuse, would sink the SS Trump. Kavanaugh also must have learned that he, himself, could be impeached. And the Cabinet he has now, is something like 20% of the cabinet members he had fired.  4 to 1 odds.

Trump lost control of Casinos with Chapter 11 (bankruptcy) and how does one lose money on a business wherein the customers come in, give you their money and leave…? He’s stayed a few steps ahead of ol’ Momma Karma, ’tis true… but the footsteps get louder each day.

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