Trump as Esther and or Mordecai?

Pompeo said it,(and Pompeo is an Honorable man) Trump will never put himself in harm’s way. Pompeo is a Pompous Ass. What about the 70% of the people in Israel who Vote Against Likud and their coalition? Do you have the RACIST idea that All Jews Think Alike…? “Israel” literally means “he would pick a fight with God”. .. There’s a modern proverb, if you put two Jews in a room together and there will be an argument. add another and there will be a revolution, and if you put a Jewish guy in a room alone and he’ll beat himself up. (George Burns used that) It’s really a trait that all humans have.

But, hey, the Israelites according to the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges (and don’t get me started on the First and Second book of Kings and the same number of books of Chronicles) Yeah,… The Israelites killed more Israelites than they did goyim, and more than what all the goyim enemies did. Don’t be stupid.

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