Trump says there was ‘illegal spying’ on his campaign after Barr backs off explosive claim

Barr said “might have been spying” in which case the Campaign wasn’t in any way being honest (and hey, it’s TanTrump, what more would YOU believe?) and Trumpft chimed in by saying there was “definitely” and “absolutely” spying, and a day later Barr changed his tune. Trump is one paranoid pussy and this is going to give him nightmares even after he leaves for prison.

Maybe if WikiLeaks had told only facts (they did) BUT  if Trump had not skipped over the parts which condemn HIM… but that’s a whole flock of Wadiff Birds flying out the window by now…

and maybe he shouldn’t have trusted NeoNazi groups like and including StormFront, Breitbart, Alt-Right, The Klan, Heritage Foundation, Dare Project, Sons of the Confederacy… what’s that flapping noise? Oh, it’s another flock of Wadiff birds flying out the window… He still isn’t anywhere near a point where he would kick the Neo’s to the curb.

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