Trumps says acquitted, but never actually arrest, arraignment But sure is arrogant

Maybe he should have gone to law school instead of wasting his time at an Elitist (but not elite) “military” academy, which caters to rich snobs who want to play soldier. He says he was found not guilty. not so. Since he was never actually prosecuted. All that was settled was one point of an investigation. In a way it’s much like a Catch and Release operation. They have his number. No, it’s not 666. The REAL Beast has a real shot at Some Time In Our Life but he’ll be smarter than Trump. The cops got all his information and who his accomplices are. The investigation spawned other investigations, not covered by the Russian probe. Cops do that a lot, a no-bill isn’t in any way an acquittal. He was never tried, never found ‘not guilty, so they can use the original investigation. No formal charges, no Double Jeopardy. no kidding.

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