CSPD To investigate 10 Sheriffs deputies who beat unarmed shackled prisoner to death so you know that means…

it means the pigs are going to get away it , again.

and ten PIGS to beat down a Real Man who is unarmed and shackled. What wondrous heroes they are… And our beloved Klangaroo Kourts will quickly get these heroes back on the take err beat, yeah.. that’s the ticket… beat 10 against one again.

all you republiklan cops and cop suckers can talk as much as you want, YOU have free speech, but you sure do beat down anybody who talks back to YOU and usually only 4 PIGS if the the victim is shackled, you have 3 PIGS holding him so you can kick him in the face. Like your mommas taught you that.

Ten pig coward asswipes to beat down 1 shackled prisoners… fuck yeah I repeated myself. You gestapo bitches repeat yourselves… same thing every god-damn time, shackle a prison and beat him down, by multiple pigs, and you get videos of it, give copies of your ‘victory’ so you can jack each off to it, it’s what sadistic pukes to

make you horny. Just like your mommas.

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