‘revenge’ for WHAT?

Before my misguided stint in the Air Force ‘National Lampoon’ had a ‘revenge’ issue and on the cover showed a stereotyped Saudi being punched in the face. And the revenge was all about the Gulf kingdoms (and Mexico, and Cuba and Venezuela and a bunch of other petroleum sources) having control of their prices for their product. It’s like going into King Soopers with a gun and demanding the Kroger Cartel to give you the food at a price you like. And instead of going to a different store you start and maintain threaten the management and other customers until they ‘see things your way’. And one of the ‘revenge’ tactic was …What if our navy ahem… ‘deserted’ and ‘stole the ships’ and took up piracy. They posited ‘It wouldn’t be OUR fault if those bad men became the terror of the waves, now, would they?’ and pointed out that Queen Elizabeth the first did exactly that. And Episcopalians revere her as a protestant saint. And she had a whole lot of English people including her family KILLED because they had more claim to the throne. Not that I give 2 shits about hereditary dictators. ‘strange ladies lying in puddles distributing swords is no basis for kingship. if if I went about saying I was an emperor because a moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away! Say I was a loon!’ (one of my favorite quotes)

But back to the real absurdity and silliness, other than the Lampoon was advocating mass murder, there was a picture of a submarine displaying a Jolly Roger and the caption ‘yo ho ho and 3 dollars a barrel for Arabian Crude!’

Jimmy Carter refrained from threatening sovereign nations nor did he advocate killing people nor taking property of other people nor did he have himself the emperor of all the world.

That’s what Republicans do. That’s why he didn’t get re-elected. An Electoral College ‘win’ for Reagan because there were enough murderous a$$wipes.

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