Stephen Miller Echoes White Nationalists In Leaked Anti-DACA Emails

so since do the Nazis a ‘secret’ agenda?
Miller organized the Nazi march in Charlottesville VA to demand that everybody in America must worship (with our taxes) the Civil War statues of murderous racist fucks as (especially) Nathan Bedford-Forrest who had 300 U.S. soldiers murdered and not one of his ‘men’ was prosecuted. As it was so it still is. Miller and murderer James Fields were only ‘following orders’. Ordered by a hidden entity even Chump fears, no doubt, because he ‘didn’t order the hits’ and he ‘doesn’t know who did’.

Meanwhile, the gaggle of goose stepping Republiklan preachers in the Senate have proclaimed a month after the El Paso Walmart Massacre 4 times announced Trump is the Messiah. So one more announcement of Biblical magnitude… one of the Demon Spawn relatives of the long-dead Shah of Persia is claiming the throne of Iran… just another Hereditary Dictatorship Trump and his minions, Like Miller, are trying to make it happen. And establish a Trump Dynasty in Murka. those there Right Wingers love them some Hereditary Dictatorship

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