Trump almost apologized, blames empeachment,

The ‘phoney ‘ impeachment was real, but the Republican prosecutors, appointed by Trump,Republican judges and Republican Senators and enough Republican Congressmen who all chose Party over Country, abetted by Republican propaganda at FOX News, and even after the Dictator in Thief had Matt Schlapp threaten Republicans who didn’t sell their souls entirely to Trump.. Notable was Schlapp threatened UberKapitalist Mitt Romney.

It’s a dark reflection of the Gestapo courts, where the accused would have a PHONY trial, with a Gestapo attorney a Gestapo prosecutor and decided by a Gestapo judge.
“Legal” in the lowest degree. Donald knows that as his father was a racist supremacist elitist StormTrooper.

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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