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Ikea factory workers organized by IAM, who will unionize the retail employees?

Ikea factory workers in Danville, Virginia, voted to unionize. Did they do it alone? No, they joined the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (Upside for Ikea, its customers can pretend their prefab furniture is tooled by rocket scientists). … Continue reading

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Border wars of the drug cartels, ours

So, on Telemundo the “Border War” rhetoric took some serious hits which I cheerlessly predict the Minutemen, Tea Party and other klan groups are going to spend a lot of time, corporate money and hot air trying to patch. La … Continue reading

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Cedar Point Consolidated Wagon Trail along Big Sandy Creek

Halfway point between Cheyenne Wells and Denver City.

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Tetra Farries and her family feel blunt trauma business end of class warfare

For all the haters who condemn Ms. Farries, who so far is convicted of NOTHING, you should feel a deep sense of shame, but I know you don’t, for building a corrupt social order, using words like “God” and “Liberty” … Continue reading

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English, language of self-enslavement

One of the best outcomes of having grown up in a Hispanic dominated culture, El Paso, Texas, having Hispanic and Mexican (from Mexico) friends and family, and speaking the language… is that I can spot and counter all the pure … Continue reading

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Oslo bomber was less Christian Jihadist than Dexter, Arrested Development

Another excerpt from Breivik’s dairy, covering the preliminary phases, backdated to 2002: Personal reflections and experiences during several preparation phases April/May 2002 I am the Norwegian delegate to the founding meeting in London, England and ordinated as the 8th Justiciar … Continue reading

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Tea Party revolutionaries support establishment here and in Mexico

Amazing that the same hate groups who want to start an “Ass-tro turf” Corporate funded “revolution” to maintain the corporate status quo (isn’t a revolution supposed to overthrow the Establishment?) are providing the guns to both sides in the current … Continue reading

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Are you there God? it’s me Anders. The impersonal diary of Oslo Bomber and Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

So there’s a Mexican vigilante drug ring declared itself a law-keeping fraternity of the Knights Templar, now the Oslo gunman/bomber claims accreditation. The “2083” manifesto which Anders Behring Breivik released through a carefully harvested email list includes a curious diary/progress … Continue reading

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Mr Smith goes to #FuckYouWashington

The netizens are revolting. On the eve of US “austerity measures” the Twitterverse is crowdsourcing its ire against the de facto seat of world government. The unprintable hashtag won’t trend on social networks — it’s alleged, even as momentum builds … Continue reading

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CSU Drake coal plant situated in heart of Colorado Springs, for heart disease

Europe is closing the last of its coal-fired power plants, while America rebrands coal as clean. And Colorado Springs literally embraces its pollution-spewing Martin Drake Coal Plant. You can burn fossil fuels to warm the globe from anywhere, but for … Continue reading

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Obama must leave power so that a new political process can begin that reflects the aspirations of the American people

How would Americans feel to hear a foreign state department proclaim that the USA needs a regime change, that Obama must step down, or it will be up to the American people to rise against their rogue warmongering empire and … Continue reading

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Daily Gaza fishing flotilla blockaded by Israeli Navy, no fishing to supplement carefully measured aid starvation diet

The fishermen of Gaza are harassed daily by IDF gunships which shoot them outright when there are no Western witnesses present. The late Vittorio Arrigoni was one of the International Solidarity Movement who regularly accompanied fishing boats, forcing the Israelis … Continue reading

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Rupert Murdoch mistaken for Mr. Burns and pied by Jonnie “Marbles” Marbles

“It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat“     –tweeted by activist/comedian Jonnie Marbles, immediately before pie-ing News Corp godfather Rupert Murdoch at UK parliamentary hearing. Murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng … Continue reading

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Obama discards consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren, picks bank favorite

Who can be surprised really that President Obama will take no measure against the rule of the bankers, not even the appointment of public favorite Elizabeth Warren to head the consumer agency for whose creation she lobbied to address increasingly … Continue reading

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Dignite Al Karama nears Gaza waters, reconnoitered by unidentified swiftboat UPDATE: Ship boarded, towed to Israel

3AM UPDATE: Israeli Navy has jammed communication, boarded Dignité, taken 16 into custody, and is towing vessel to Ashdod, Israel, actually occupied Palestine. Israel’s enforcement of illegal blockade of Gaza confirms Gaza occupation. Sole remaining vessel of the “Say Human” … Continue reading

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Destitute Detra Farries tried to prevent her vehicle and all her belongings being impounded, to tragic outcome

COLORADO SPRINGS– Uh oh, news at six. I chanced upon District 17, room S380 today where Detra Farries is accused of dragging a tow-truck driver to his death earlier this year. The mother of eight was trying to prevent her … Continue reading

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News of the World crimes belong to Rupert Murdoch, News Corp, Fox News, Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal

The issue of Rupert Murdoch’s lawless news empire isn’t about phone hacking to break news, it’s about surveillance used for the same purposes as intelligence agencies, to control political climates, to effect outcomes based on what you have on the … Continue reading

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Knesset makes BDS movement illegal, says boycotts, divestment & sanctions threaten Apartheid right to exist

Following their no hamfisted holds barred blocking of the Gaza aid flotilla, Israel yesterday declared illegal the rising domestic support for the BDS movement. The free speech ban extends even to non-Israelis in the occupied territories. Suggesting it’s not going … Continue reading

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Find the Michele Bachmann inside you

So Michele Bachmann was a tax collector. Sarah Palin was an oil industry stooge. The media didn’t conjure these villainesses from whole or rare cloth. Most politicians are corporate functionaries before they bill the public to do it. If they … Continue reading

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Next Gaza Freedom Flotilla will be an anti-globalist, anti-Apartheid Armada

Israel successfully defended its inhumane illegal siege of Gaza against the 2011 Freedom Flotilla, currently regrouping in Greece. Let’s recap: the French Dignite Al Karama awaits permission to leave Crete, the Swedish/Greek MV Juliano overcame sabotage which crippled the Irish … Continue reading

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Eduardo Galeano on students and their enthusiasm: keeping the Gods inside

Via Adbusters and AcampadaBCN: Eduardo Galeano interviewed in Plaza Catalunya, Madrid, in the midst of the student protests in Spain: I was in El Sol, and here I am seeing a reecounter.The same energy of dignity and the same enthusiasm. … Continue reading

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Tom Hayden says there’s nothing to a US conspiracy against Julian Assange, and he’s got the nothing to confirm it

What an ugly hit piece against Julian Assange, by Tom Hayden in The Nation. Formerly of the American Left, Hayden used to need no introduction, now he mistakenly cross-posts assignments for the State Department (see A view from Sweden). Hayden … Continue reading

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No-one gets married in a castle unless they own it

“No-one gets married in a castle unless they own it. It is brash, celebrity style behavior.” –Carolyn Bourne to future daughter in law Heidi Withers. One bullet-point from a cascade of nuggets which the affluent Britisher meant to be a … Continue reading

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The Iraq War Dialogs: Whatcha thinkin bout? Oh, I dunno… war stuff, I guess.

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Slavoj Zizek Not Gaga for Pop

Slovenian philosopher Slovaj Zizek has a cult following like Lady Gaga, but denied this weekend any romantic connection. I write this with tongue in cheek, Slavoj’s, because of his comic protestations. Zizek was cajoled by Amy Goodman at Saturday’s London … Continue reading

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