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Rebuilding the Temple of The Almighty Dollar… the WTC… capital as “god”

So they chose one that “gives the bird” to Heaven.
Nice Choice! If you believe that Money is the god of America, and that the Twin Towers were its Most Holy Temple. I heard a preacher once describe the 9/11 as being an attack against the basic tenets of Christianity …except, Jesus spoke against capitalism. And the first church at Jerusalem was a commune.

And, yes, it DOES look like four curled knuckles with an outstretched middle finger.

OOOOOOOO…. I bet that makes bin Laden shake in his sandals!

But my thought was, since the place is literally a grave to begin with, why not just pour a concrete slab 4 stories high and have the names of the Known Dead written on it as a tombstone? Maybe write the names of the thousands of Americans and Hundreds of Thousands of Afghans and Iraqis and Pakistanis etc etc etc that were slaughtered in an orgy of Hate, which funneled the treasury of the United States into the pockets of Bush and Cheney, who were extremely likely suspects in the destruction of the Towers in the first place. They made out like, well, the despicable Sneak Thief Cowards that they truly are.

Does anybody else find it intriguing that there were no high-level Finance or Trade ministers actually in the buildings at the time, on a Tuesday morning in the late summer? Or how about the Pentagon, top heavy with Colonels and Generals, (naval Captains and Admirals…) but not a single general dies in the attack? Or the fourth plane, supposedly going after the White House, when George coWard Bush had let it be known a couple of weeks in advance that he wasn’t going to be there?

By the way, if they’re looking to insult folks from the Arabian peninsula, the “sign of the fig” would be more appropriate.

But the ones who want to “wave the bloody shirt” to keep the BushWarz going (and putting more money into the pockets of the Corporate Elite) wouldn’t recognize that anyway.

Well well. Looks like the Pentagon-CIA types don’t actually want an independent Afghanistan..

Karzhai is reportedly hopping angry about the arrest of the “NumberTwo” Taliban chieftain being arrested in Pakistan last month.
Seems the “Free, Independent and Not A Washington Puppet” government of Kabul (and whatever other parts of Afghanistan happen to be occupied heavily at the time, but really, it’s just Kabul) (and sometimes not even Kabul) were negotiating with the Taliban Chieftain (and really, Washington Folks who monitor our blog and others like us, when you say out of one side of your face that the Taliban aren’t a centralized government and then say out the other side that they have a Set Heirarchy and chain of command, you’re lying at least once, M’kay? and some of us ARE smart enough to see the difference)
So, what then WAS the point of Washington Grandstanding in arresting somebody under a flag of truce? Not like it’s the first time the Army ever fired on a White Flag either.

Could it be that Washington doesn’t want Afghanistan to assert any authority of their own to make peace with Their Own People?

Did they fire on this particular White Flag in order to prolong the war which is only profitable for a very few… like the ones who set the policy up in the first damn place?

The ones who would have to find some other way or some other WAR to use as a conduit for syphoning Public Funds to their Private Pockets?

Cheney, perhaps? Erik Prince? Rove? Wolfowicz?