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Down the Merry Dead End path of crappy credentialling for hire

‘Well, What would you do with a brain if you had one?’ …said Dorothy to the Scarecrow. Thus began the Scarecrow’s quest for proper credentialing///! They were off and headed down the merry dead end path of the yellow brick road in search of crappy credentialing for hire so that the scarecrow man would then be able to feel that he had a brain. But did he actually have one?

If only Dorothy and the Scarecrow had read the new book, Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses …they might not have run up such a bad student debt for the Scarecrow! Now the Scarecrow is still working at Walmart and owes $98,000 for a degree he got in ‘Marketing’. What do you think he learned from this experience? That ‘education’ costs a lot and really is a lot of crap when it is measured strictly by the buying and selling of credentials?

Perhaps…? But most people receiving crappy credentials in the US seem to think that they, in fact, do have an education even when, in fact, they really don’t.

Ex Colorado Springs Gazette reporter has a new book out about the Fort Carson ‘Lethal Warriors’ unit soldiers

‘Overseas in Iraq for several months, these (Lethal Warrior’ unit) soldiers were exposed to the same dangerous scenarios on a regular basis. So much, Philipps said, that the soldiers never knew who the enemy was and would shoot random citizens and place guns on them to legitimize their kills.’ …Author: Combat follows soldiers home describes ‘Lethal Warriors’ tale.

…In other words, he says many of them committed war crimes, though I doubt he said as much when he still worked for that trashy, militarism adoring Right Wing newspaper, The Colorado Springs Gazette. I’m glad that David Philipps is now no longer chained to such a propaganda rag and is helping expose the Pentagon’s war criminality. Hooray for great reporters like David Philipps!

The book will be released in early April. See Amazon reviews of Lethal Warriors: When the New Band of Brothers Came Home

Note also, that at this event that Reporter David Philipps spoke at about his new book was actually organized by the Pueblo Veterans for Peace. Not all veterans are Right Wing murderous thugs like the ones who have been threatening me and other members of the Occupy Colorado Springs group with personal acts of violence. These are the actual vets that help defend our right to Free Speech, but they defend that Right not with their guns, but their willingness to expose what US soldiers actually do throughout the world. These antiwar veterans deserve our total respect, while those who continue to be pro war soldiers only deserve our exposure of their war crimes, and exposure of their personal low life criminal mindset.