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Arson most likely cause of Waldo Canyon Fire?

The Teller County area reported of 20 attempted arsons in the few days just before the fire began in Waldo Canyon. As a result, as Manitou Springs is evacuated and the fire moves over Rampart Ridge and eastward, many are beginning to discuss this issue of possible arson being the most likely cause of this one fire, though the news reporting has so far mainly tried to snuff out almost all reporting anything about this possibility/ probability. They don’t want to whip the general public up into a total frenzy… perhaps?

There are a lot of angry and hurt people that are unemployed and homeless these days… young and without possibilities. Is this fire one example of possible economic ‘blowback’ developing and beginning to happen across our country? Angry and economically demoralized people setting fires intentionally…. over and beyond the usual number of arsons being done in past years? It is a definite possibility. People who are shafted by society often tend to shaft society back in return.