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Baby Killing Spree Continues: Alyana Jones, age 7, shot by Detroit Pigs

Things I learned while being handcuffed then beaten for the “crime” of Talking Back..
Pigs are Cowards. That’s the most important lesson. They know they’re cowards and as individuals are powerless even over their own lives. They resent it and need to lash out at anybody who is MAN ENOUGH to defy their Arrogance. Dissent, you see, weakens their so-called “Authority”, which is Right Wing Code for “Power Trip”.
They use modifications of the age-old dismissals (violently delivered) of any criticism of their Dictatorial Ways, “Might Makes Right” “A Deo rex, a rege lex” (The king is given by God, and the Law from the King) “Oderint dum metuant” (Let them hate us, as long as they Fear us… the underlying principle in the Global War on Terror and a direct quote from both Gaius Julius Caesar II, “Caligula” and Nero) “Rex est Lex viva, animata, et loquens lex”(The King is the Living and breathing law, and his word is Law… much like the modern practice of calling the Police “The Law”) and “go along to get along” meaning, convenience is more important a social value than Conscience.

I learned that there are always Retarded Groups who can be counted on to Back The Badge no matter how corrupt the Pig who wears the badge. People who will say “Well, you obviously didn’t learn Your Lesson

Ah, but I DID learn several lessons. Like I said, the most important ones are that the PIGS are Cowards, who can’t fight one-on-one even against somebody who is shackled. And that their supporters are Equally Cowardly.

The Chickenshits who say “you didn’t learn your lesson”, you know who you are.
And the direct translation of that is “somebody else needs to teach it to you again, but not us, because we’re not only Morally and Intellectually Cowards, but Physical Cowards”
I’m sure you Chickenshits would, if you had enough of your coward brethren present to embolden you, attempt to “teach me another lesson”.

Believe me, though, your words and actions already taught me a lesson, and reinforce it daily. It’s just, you know, not the lesson you hoped to teach.

I didn’t fail to learn, YOUR chickenshit PIGS failed to teach. And they always will.
Alyana Jones, age 7, you PIGS sure did “teach her a lesson” didn’t you?
Taught us all a lesson, yep. “Don’t defy our Divinely Appointed Authority or we’ll crash into your houses and kill your kids”.
The way you do routinely not only in Detroit, but also Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, if your Thug Leaders get their Satanic way, soon it will be Iran…

As always you’ll need your Gang to help you.

I forbore from writing this earlier, because the one lesson deeply imprinted on my brain is that of a sneering PIG with a club striking me and saying “I’m going to teach you a lesson” and “Who’s gonna believe YOU? All we have to do is say that you’re CRAZY and we’ll get away with it… we ALWAYS do”
The Murdering cowardly PIG who snuffed Alyana won’t face charges. That’s guaranteed.
Neither will any of his accomplices, including the Detroit District Attorney who won’t fight for an indictment, the Detroit Judge who’ll dismiss any charges, and especially the Coward Ass “Back the Badge” RETARDS. They’re the most important link in the chain of Police State crimes.