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Pig Rampage in Denver, Oakland camp “cleared out” … for now…

The DPD was assaulting the Occupy PEOPLE yesterday, and squealing like the pigs they are when people actually shoved back. What do the stormtroopers think, they’ll just beat people up, gas us, shoot us with “non-lethal” projectiles, taser us, and we’ll be so grateful for them “putting us in our place” which would be, by their calculations, kneeling in front of them slurping their mothe.. Jackboots? “Oh, Yassuh, boss, we uns gon’ be good fo’ y’all fine gentlemens… and thank you boss for giving us the Freedom to lick your God-Damn Balls.”
We’ll undoubtedly be welcoming them as liberators, with flowers and candy.

Proof Positive that Privatized Parochial Education is Inferior.

The Colorado Springs Christian Schools is hosting a fundraiser, $250 a seat at the banquet, in April, where they intend to award George W Bush, Decider-in-Thief, the Lion’s Heart Award.
They’re giving that cowardly murdering PUKE a medal for being “Courageous”.
And to add Blasphemy to Insult, they’re doing it in the name of Christ.
Why not have our own banquet, across the street from The Broadmoor, (of course it’s the Broadmoor) invite him to receive the Horses-ass award, serve ChickenHawk Supreme and weenies.
I bet he would be too yellow to come to that banquet.
Maybe if CSCS actually focused on REAL education rather than Fascist Indoctrination, they would realize that one thing Richard Coeur de Leon and GW have in common is being sponsors of State Terrorism, bankrupting their home countries to fight Middle East wars involving babykilling , torture, murder of prisoners of war and other War Crimes.
What they don’t have in common is Richard Lionheart actually put his own life on the line to commit his murders. Not necessarily brave, murderers never are, but at least he wasn’t a craven coward like Bush.