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Another Fort Carson soldier in the news again for crimes being committed

— Gosh ‘our troops’ out at Fort Carson have trouble staying out of the news! The soldier in trouble this time is named Aaron Gregory Lucas. See Carson GI held on child luring, sexual assault charges (November 11, 2012)….. Where does the Pentagon get these guys? Will this guy try to claim that he is suffering from PTSD? And on another note, at last they, The Pentagon, are getting to the ‘trial’ for Sergeant Bales!

Fort Carson thug soldiers now getting arrested in Colo. Springs right and left

I know that we should all be e’er so respectful of ‘our’ uniformed soldiers, but then again after the third vandalism LAST NIGHT of my property and/ or Eric’s by these dishonest and insincere, soldier loving Right Winger former members of Colorado Springs Occupy, I’m not feeling too charitable to the many low lives that inhabit Fort Carson right this minute. And here’s a local news item we have all been following with interest, Fort Carson based Soldier #2 and Soldier #3 were arrested for the murder of another man. See Second Ft. Carson Soldier Arrested In Deadly Shooting Man Shot After Leaving Sin City Disciple Motorcycle Club and 3rd Fort Carson Soldier Arrested In Shooting.

Apparently many US soldiers also find many of their ‘comrades’ to be a rather appalling sort, too. We can see that in their comments about incidents like the murder of Virgil Means by the Fort Carson soldiers/ gangsters. We feel for you in the US military that mistakenly found yourselves fighting alongside these uniformed low lifers who at best would be nothing better than civilian petty criminals, but who the Pentagon send into combat as our supposed American ‘heroes’. They are not!

The victim of the ‘Sin City homicide’, Virgil Means, was a Black man and little is known publicly about him so far. The three Fort Carson soldiers arrested apparently are 2 Whites and one Black man. Little is yet known about the cause of fight that began in the motorcycle club house that escalated into a murder. What is of interest is that this the case even 1 month after the death of Virgil Means.

What are the police and military authorities hiding about these men accused of this crime? Why so little information about these soldiers and their murderous activities? Why do they coddle the uniformed troops so damn much? It’s dangerous how they do that…. and dangerous to all of us when criminal types are let into the military.

Corporate personhood: unintended consequences

  • yes/no: are corporations persons?
    Are Corporations composed of shareholders?
    Do Corporations act on behalf and with the explicit consent of the shareholders?
    Has the corporation, with said consent, used any consideration of value including the intellectual property of the corporate officers or of salaried employees or contractors ever made statements supporting the Death Penalty or joined as paying members any organization supporting the Death Penalty?
    Do they accept without question the definitions of Capital crimes including giving false testimony which results in the death of another human being, killing for money, treason?
    Of the shareholders holding a majority of the stocks bonds or other assets of the corporation, do ANY have stocks in Advertising AND firearms corporations AND Data/Software Corporations which publish movies or video games glorifying violence?
    Do any of the corporate Persons advocate the notion that firearms are necessary for self defense?
    Have any of the corporate persons made statements advocating lenience in the cases of persons condemned to death as accessories to capital murder, such as the “getaway driver”?
    Does the corporation support acts of retaliation against the perpetrators of 9/11?
    Does the Corporation support such acts even against nations which were NOT the perpetrators, such as Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan?
    Combine the answers with facts such as Advertising for guns, like SUV ads,
  • are directed to people who feel powerless and victimized,
  • that firearms are used by Americans in either accidental or intentional homicides which are NOT self defense many times more than any adjudicated cases of Self Defense,
  • that the violent movies and video games teach that killing is not only acceptable but fun,
  • and NewsCorp and its subsidiaries such as FOX News and the Republican and Tea Parties are guilty of many more capital murders Every Year than the number of victims of the WTC attacks.