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A falling out once again between Colombian/ US D.C. rateros (rats)

Colombian hand ratsThese thugs that run the Colombia government in conjunction with the White House are always having problems with their internal squabbles between death squad leaders, government of the death squad leaders (Uribe), the Pentagon, the US government, and down to the level of their paid-for compadres. Colombian rebel turncoat claims betrayal …there simply is no honor among Rateros. That’s a picture of the Colombian military examining their paid-for sawed off hand.

Pedantic US Pentagon hectoring of Russia continues

Out of Iraq demonstrationThe US and its allies continue to try to bully and lecture Russia about Russia’s rebuttal of NATO-Pentagon’s’ push toward going to war with them. But surprise! This won’t work. Russia says withdrawal complete The DC government thugs and buffoons can hiss and howl all they want, alongside their civilian Empire propaganda media cohorts, but Russia is fed up with US imperialism and will no longer be cajoled to just retreat worldwide.

What are all the pacifist types in the US ‘Peace’ babble Movement going to do now, talk more Church? We need a real antiwar movement and one that knows what’s really going on and that has backbone enough to stand up to the Democratic Party’s efforts to control and derail all protest.

Russia is drawing a line and will not continue to let NATO just advance. They are in the right and we need to organize to stop our own country’s imperialist war making now! Iraq is just a sideshow in what the neocons and Pentagon are now engaged in doing.