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So when will they charge the ones who made the 911 calls from the train?

CSPD is filing FELONY charges for a fake bomb threat called against Shitty Hall today. When are they going to file similar charges against the Coward Scum who dialed nine-eleven on Ojore Lutalo? You would think filing a fake terrorism report would be at least a ticket, right? Pigs aren’t filing any charges against those SCUM.
America is infested with chickenshit.

OJORE RELEASED! Despite Right Wing propaganda

For instance, the Right Wing “Agenda? We don’ have no steenkeeng Agenda” Fox News and their Local Mouthpiece the Pueblo Chieftain had their Best Lurid Headline Yellow(belly) Journalism foot forward with “NJ Man Arrested AFTER making threats on AmTrak”
“Facts? We don’ need no Steenkeeng Facts!”
I bet their Chieftain Headline is going to be “Terrorist Released! Kill The Democrats!” or something similar. Fox News and Local Hate-Speech Radio are already on it. America is infested with Chickenshits.

The charges were dropped early this morning. Even the Otero County Pig Department realized they have no real charge on which to hold him.
He needs to sue them, and DHS, AND Fox & Friends (them for blatant defamation)

AND there need to be FEDERAL charges filed against the Chickenshit punks who made the Bogus Nine-Eleven calls fingering him.
If your kids dial 9-1-1 making prank calls, you get a misdemeanor charge the first time, jail time the second and if they do it again afterwards you get felony charges.

If you panic over what turns out to be Not A Real Emergency you get billed for the wasted resources.

Fox and the rest of the Corporate Media, like NBC affiliate Channel 5 here in Colorado Springs (and Pueblo) who joined in the Howling Pack of Cry-Wolves should rightfully be charged not only with exploiting this case but also every other Non-Terrorist Non-Crime they’ve hyped in the past, laying the groundwork for a REAL Man spending two weeks in jail because some REAL Chickens couldn’t handle the fact that they were sharing a railroad car with a Black man who wasn’t the Conductor or the bartender.
Like when the Retarded Redneck Coward Eunice Stone did the exact same CRIME by sicking the pigs on a pair of Doctors.