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HITMAN!- Obama’s new model for lawless international policing

There is a new model for lawless US government policing, where the government can now issue ‘a hit’ on whoever it pleases by merely offering up a reward ‘Dead or Alive’ against whoever, and/ or whatever organization worldwide the President designates. No need for warrants, and no need for courts and judges at all, in fact. The sheriff simply aims to KILL! …Bang! Bang! Bang! You can do it for the Boss, and get paid to do so, too! That’s the lack of Law we now have internationally!

I think it’s time that we throw out all pretense that we are a democracy in the US functioning with rules and regulations for government conduct. Let’s admit it now- GOVERNMENT ALLOWS ITSELF TO DO ANY DAMN THING IT FEELS LIKE. Bush and Cheney did not get us there, the Democratic Party, ‘liberal’ voters, and Obama did. Let’s read what has me saying that this is where our country is now at, shall we? … U.S. puts $10 million bounty on Pakistan terror group's leader

The question is not whether this man and his group are either good, bad, or indifferent. The problem here is that Obama has set himself up here as autocratic KING, or perhaps as the Sheriff of Nottingham, where his edicts are now automatically to be Law, no matter any due process to it or not? Can you imagine if the local police were to begin to function in such a manner (and it is merely a matter of a short time before they actually will begin to function this way) as taking out bounties against who the police chief and mayor might designate as criminals?

In a matter of a short 2 decades, the US government has gone from claiming to be enforcing international law against Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, to now acting much worse itself than Saddam Hussein ever once did in regards to these matters. And we as a population have questioned very little of all of this. We are simply being led down a blind and dead end alley of international lawlessness, that will one day haunt the American people.

We have allowed our government to lawlessly defeat its own people and erase all our rights, all simply under the guise of fighting ‘the bad guys’. We have been totally stupid and unresponsive to their taking away of our Rights, and now headlines such as the above go undiscussed and unmentioned. Our national soul is now dead. And all to supposedly help capture whom? Our new governmental designated official demon of the day… Hafiz Sayeed?

Long Live the King! Long Live the Matrix! Long Live the Military Industrial Governmental Complex! Swear allegiance or you might be ‘hit’.